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August 19, 2013
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Nothing bad.

You started to walk through the corridor in the left and heard a noise behind you.

-Hey, wait!-The voice said. It was that girl again. She looked at you and the to the key in your hands.-What number is it?

-21.-you answered, looking at the keys.

-Oh.-her eyes widened.-Then you'll may need this.-she said,searching in her bag and throwing something at you.

It was a white and red colored ball, with a little button. You sighed and kept walking, looking the ball closely, and then remembered.

It was that ball from Pokemon series. The one you use to catch the pokemons.
Why would you keep that, anyway? Well, probably you'll just have to spend the night with some creepy gamer and go home in the morning. Nothing too bad.

Travelling through the long corridor, reading all the numbers of the doors, you found the room 21. The door was scratched, making strange symbols, and that didn't make you feel better. With shaky hands you inserted the key and opened the door, entering the room.

The only thing you felt was darkness and coldness. You tried looking around one more time.
There were two little red lights in the corner of the room, a big bed in the middle of the room and some pokeballs on the bed. All the other things were too difficult to determinate what they were.

You were gonna go back and talk with that girl about this, you can't sleep in such a room!
A squeak stoped you. Looking at your feet, you saw a little shape. It was hugging your feet and squeaking. You were scared, but your hands picked up that thing.

It was a Pokemon. You didn't remember exactly who was. It was pink, with a big head, and the most shocking thing, was that a part of his body was missing, It was a Pokemon. You didn't remember exactly who was.
You kept staring at him, not sure how to react. The pokemon was basically begging you to stay with him, and that was actually pretty cute (ignoring that he was half-cuted and the blood was dripping to the floor.)

Your lips curved into a smile as you hugged the pokemon and sat on the bed. He stoped crying and just kept hugging you, not smiling but happy. You started to fall asleep but a young voice sounded.

-You seem to care about him.-the voice said, making you jump and look everywhere, scared, trying to find where the voice came from. You stared to the end of the bed, where the two little red lights were standing.

-W-Where are you?-you said.

-I'm right here, in front of you. I'll turn the light up, but please, don't scream!-he answered.- Promise it.

-A-Alright.-you hugged tight the pokemon.

The lights turned up and you saw a boy. He has short black hair, black empty eyes with red lights as corneas, and his limbs were missing. He was floating, in the middle of the room.

You wanted to scream, but you promised not to. Also, that was pretty normal considering that you were hugging a television monster that was dripping blood in your T-Shirt. The boy looked at you with a sad smile.

-You didn't scream.-he said, floating near you.

-Yeah, as I promised.-you tried your best to smile at him, but he just looked so sad that you wanted to cry.-Is he yours?-you said, pointing at the pink pokemon.

-Yes.-he said, sitting next to you.-He was my friend.

-He WAS your friend?-you satarted rubbing the pokemons head.

-Before I died, you know.-he said, awkwardly blushing.-He is a Celebi.

-I thought Celebie was green...-you looked at the boy sadly.-And his organs weren't exposed.

-Yeah, well, they are, but...-he didn't continue, just stayed there, not knowing what to say. You changed the subject.

-So...what's your name? I'm (______).-smiling at him, you sat the pokemon on your lap.

-I'm Silver. Lost Silver. People usually forget me.-he said, sadly staring to the ground.- Your name is cute. You blushed and stared at him.

-...I remember you.-he looked at you, his eyes widened and his mouth was wide open. You smiled at his reaction.-You are the player's character in some pokemon games, right? I usually choose you!

His lips curved into a big smile. He looks really cute when he smiles.

-You remember me...-he said.-...Thank you.-you were going to reply, but then something stopped you. You felt something really cold touch your cheek.
Now in both cheeks.

-You...-he started.-You are so warm...-he went closer to you, looking directly in your eyes.

-Are you...touching me?-you asked.

-Y-Yes...-he said, blushing.-I don't have limbs, but I have something...similar.
His face went closer to yours, and your lips brushed together. Then he kissed you, sweetly as he could. His lips were so cold, probably because he was dead. He broked the kiss and looked at you, smiling.- So, you are going to sleep with me?

-Y-Yeah...-you were a little confused and dizzy because of the kiss, trying to process what happened.

-Well, then...-he looked at your bag, and then entered his hand. After a few seconds searching, he took the pokeball that the girl gave you.

-I choose you, (____)!-he said, throwing the ball to the floor and kissing you again.
Requested by someone.


:iconlazypoolplz: I'm so lazy.

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if i could of met BEN, we could play video games
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i play pokemon to so i would have played with Silver ALL THE FRIGIN TIME!!
im not scared...
im sad.
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